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About - Your Session

My sessions are always relaxed, never rushed or stressful - a far cry from the typical department store, mall-type portrait experience! Working on-location allows much more freedom and creativity. Small children do well and are more relaxed in their own environment resulting in original, creative and memorable portraits.


My motto in clothing is this: simple goes a long way! I like to keep the focus on the child/teen; therefore, simple clothing choices are best for creating timeless portraits. I suggest solid colors avoiding busy patterns or logos/words. When photographing families or groups I suggest coordinating colors and clothing - denim or khakis and polos. Comfort is crucial for children - feel free to bring a favorite toy or blanket. Bare feet always photograph well. I do NOT limit clothing changes so feel free to bring more than one outfit.

Senior Session

Senior sessions typically last about an hour and a half. I encourage seniors to bring items that help define their high school experience - such as letterman jackets, musical instruments, sports equipment, pets, and/or cars. My goal is to capture WHO you are and not just what you look like!

Maternity Session

I like to schedule maternity sessions between 35-37 weeks. This time frame allows for mobility of the mom-to-be and takes into account for the early-arriving newborn. Sports bras, tube tops, and oversized oxford shirts photograph well. Please remember to remove any clothing with binding elastic at least a half hour before your session is to begin.

Newborn Sessions

I like to schedule newborns in the first 2 weeks of life. These sessions usually last the longest - up to 3 hours. This allows for frequent feedings, clean-ups and calming of fussy babies. Clothing is usually kept at a minimum.

Child Session

I like to schedule children between mealtimes and naptimes - mid-morning or late afternoon. I strive to capture the natural expressions and emotions - not the cheesy smile, look at the camera shot. This sometimes is a thoughful gaze, a wistful look, a perplexed scowl. I rarely pose children, I prefer to capture them as they are.